Terms & Conditions

Standard Web Site Package fuse the going with parts:

Undertaking definition and measure, UI prototyping, HTML/JavaScript coding, 2-3 portrayals and also photo control, minor substance altering). Site encouraging and Search Engine enrollment proposals, correspondence of wander status, QA testing.

Site will have a smart and master plan. The arrangement will be enduring with existing promoting materials (shading, typeface, photos, et cetera.). Site course will be fundamental and common. Falling layouts and included pages will be utilized to energize site support and updates.

Foundation of Web pages on the client’s website have provider’s server/PC. Minor updates and changes to existing Web pages for two months. (Up to 15 minutes indicate, subject beyond what many would consider possible outlined underneath. Additional progressions charged at hourly rate.

Benevolently send us your last substance. Time required to take off substantive enhancements to the client submitted message after the Web pages have been produced will be additional, charged at the hourly rate.

Site Host Service Provider

The client fathoms that any Website Host Service Provider (Host) organizations require an alternate contract with the Host of the client’s choice. The client agrees to pick a Host, which grants Freedomtechnology full access to the Web site or possibly a CGI-container record by methods for FTP and telnet.

Realization Date

Freedomtechnology and the client must participate to complete the Website in an advantageous way. We agree to work expediently to complete the Website no later than a month and a half after contract affirmation. To keep up a vital separation from additional charges the client must supply Freedomtechnology the aggregate substance and outlines content for the Website inside 7 days.

Laws Affecting Electronic Commerce

Sometimes governments build up laws and gather charges and collects impacting Internet electronic exchange. The client agrees that the client is only accountable for adjusting to such laws, evaluations, and imposes, and will hold harmless, secure, and protect Freedomtechnology and its subcontractors from any case, suit, discipline, obligation, or duty rising up out of the client’s action of Internet electronic business.

Copyrights to Web Pages

Copyright to the finished assembled work of Web pages made by freedomtechnology, is asserted by freedomtechnology. Upon unequivocal portion of this assention, the client is designated rights to use as a Website the arrangement, plans, and substance contained in the finished accumulated Website. Rights to photos, outlines, source code, work-up records, and PC programs are especially not traded to the client, and remain the property of their different proprietors.Freedomtechnology the benefit to demonstrate representations and other Web plot segments as instances of their work in their specific portfolios.

Portion of charges

Portions must be made rapidly. Delinquent bills will be assessed a $120 charge if portion isn’t gotten inside 30 days of the due date. In case an entirety remains criminal 45 days after its due date, an additional 5% discipline will be incorporated for each extended length of unfortunate behavior. Freedomtechnology keeps up whatever specialist is expected to remove Web pages from audit on the Internet until the point when the moment that last portion is made. If gathering shows major, the client agrees to pay all costs achieved by that technique.

Sole Agreement

The assention contained in this “Page Design and Maintenance Agreement” constitutes the sole comprehension amongst freedomtechnology and the client as for this Website. Any additional work not demonstrated in this assention must be affirmed by a made change organize. All expenses demonstrated in this understanding will be regarded for three (3) months after the two social affairs consent to this arrangement. Continued with organizations after that time will require another comprehension.

Starting Payment and Refund Policy

This understanding begins with a hidden portion of 1/2 of distinct wander cost. If the client stops work and applies for a rebate inside 30 days, to freedomtechnology, Hilton, NY 14468 (828) 705-1188 work completed ought to be charged at the hourly rate communicated above, and deducted from the basic portion, the alter of which may be returned to the client. In case, at the period of the interest for markdown, work has been done past the total secured by the basic portion, the client may be committed to pay for all work completed at the hourly rate communicated beforehand. No fragment of this hidden portion will be reduced unless formed application is made inside 30 days of denoting this assention.

Suspension of Service or Cancelation

Freedomtechnology keeps up all specialist to suspend organizations to any customer if in the judgment of Patrick LaJuett, the supporter’s record is the source or focal point of an encroachment of any of the terms of the TOS, or for whatever other reason which freedomtechnology thinks about fundamental. 7 business days notice will be given to clients through phone or email.